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What You Will Learn In Web Designing Course

Photoshop Training

Photoshop is a graphic software which is used for creating or editing images and other graphic activities. Webetric provide advanced photoshop course in which you will learn each point from basic to advance.

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HTML-5 Training

HTML is a standard markup language used to develop web pages. HTML is base of web designing. We provide advanced web design course which covers latest version html-5 which support for all browsers.

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CSS Training

CSS is a design language which gives styling to HTML document and handles the visiblity of web page on the browser. In this course we will teach you both CSS and CSS-3 with advanced properties.

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Java Script Training

Java Script is a scripting language which operate dynamic functionality of website i.e. webpage loading, validation etc. Here, you will learn jacascript from basic to advanced.

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JQuery Training

jQuery is library of Javascript which simplifies the programming of Javascript.Jquery is les time consuming and provide better quality of work with less bugs.

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Dreamweaver is a software used for web designing and development.Dreamweaver handels coding part of webpage. Here, you will learn fundamentals and features of this software.

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PhotoShop Document( PSD ) is a file having image layers which shows different pages and states. PSD to HTML is a technique in which Photoshop Document is converted into HTML code to develop web page.

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Now a days mobile and tablet users are increasing rapidly. So your webpage should be responsive which is appropriate for all devices. We teach bootstrap framework with responsive features and latest versions in our training.

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